The Duovac 25-year warranty is simple and offered free of charge on the Duovac power unit*. You will benefit from the Duovac peace of mind for the next 25 years. The warranty on accessories and installation parts may vary depending on the product category. Details and conditions in store and on the warranty document accompanying the product in its packaging. For any question, please contact our customer service.

*Selected models.



Duovac is synonymous with pioneer, state of the art design and innovation. Over the last 50 years, we have been determined to offer the highest quality central vacuum systems. Our dedication to excellence has allowed us to become an industry leader. Evolution and innovation, together with maintaining our dedication to quality, performance and durability, remains our mission for today and for generations to come. At Duovac, we use materials of the highest quality to manufacture our products. The combination of painted steel and brushed aluminum adds a luxurious appearance that has been distinctive of Duovac for the last 50 years. Performance, quality, durability and our refined, elegant look has always kept us one step ahead of our competition.